Welcome to the website of The Chameleon Company, a Florida Limited Liability Company. We are breeders of Old World Chameleons (see ABOUT US), working primarily with the Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis), a species endemic to the island nation of Madagascar, off the southeast coast of Africa. To learn more about the natural history of panther chameleons, give our LOCALES page a visit. While our business goal is the wholesale production of chameleons, we occasionally offer some of our finest bloodlines for retail sale, and these animals can be found on our AVAILABILITY page.

For information on the captive care and breeding of chameleons, there are several pages dedicated to this in our HUSBANDRY section.

While still a work in progress, many of the sections in this site will contain discussion or Q&A links, where we address some of the FAQ’s and other concerns that others ask of us, or miscellaneous opinions that we want to share.

The availability of chameleons for sale, and the opportunity to purchase them, is can be found by following our AVAILABILITY link.  Additional information regarding any purchase, getting the animal to you once purchased, and guarantees that you can expect, can be found on our SHIPPING and GUARANTEES page.  We also offer limited wholesale purchase, and more information on this will be available on our WHOLESALE page (under construction).  We also offer export to customers outside the United States.  Since most of what we sell are listed as CITES II animals (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna, Appendix II), specific permits must be obtained for any shipment outside the U.S., and other lengthly procedures are involved.  See our EXPORT page for more information (under construction).  The preferred means of contacting us is via email from our CONTACT us page.  Enjoy. 

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Do Not Do Business with

The Veiled Chameleon (www.theveiledchameleon.com)

Reptile and Amphibian Warehouse (www.reptileandamphibianwarehouse.com)

Steve Vigo and Karen Lieber


These are all the same entities, operating out of South Florida.  They are documented thieves, liars, frauds, and scammers.   Steve originally operated as the entity Chameleons by Design, eventually ripping off many vendors of thousands of dollars in inventory not paid for.  He then changed to The Veiled Chameleon, and has more recently created Reptile and Ampibian Warehouse.   They will solicit orders and payment for animals they do not have and ship nothing, or will bait-and-switch animals of far inferior quality from what was ordered.  They have been caught on numerous occasions stealing photos and text from bonafide vendors and internet retailers.   Many of their transgressions are documented at these links: