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Export Orders

We do export chameleons to other countries.  As most of the species that we work with are listed as CITES Appendix II, there is added paperwork, time, and cost attached to any export shipment.  We currently work primarily with panther chameleons, Furcifer pardalis, from the Locales Ambilobe, Ambanja, Nosy Be, and Nosy Faly.   All prices are in US dollars. 

1) Any export order must have its own CITES issued permit (obtained from the CITES desk of our USF&W).  This permit will be specific to any order, and will include the specific name and contact information of the recipient.  Once applied for, this permit can typically take 2-3 months to obtain for captive born animals.  Once issued, it is then good for six months, as a one-time use.  This permit costs $100.  

2) Some countries require a health certificate also.  If so, the charge for this is $175.  Buyer (importer) will have to inform us if their country requires such.

3) USF&W  inspects the shipment before departure.  The standard fee for this is $275.

4) Air-freight will vary depending on distance from Florida, but typically can cost $400-900.

5) Broker and handling fees before departure from Miami, FL, typically will cost $375.  This includes the specialized crate that they must be shipped in,  transportation to Miami, FL., and the broker's handling fees.

6) Total expected costs before a single animal is purchased can therefore be in the range of $1000-1400, or more.

7)  The buyer will have varying requirements to meet in their home country in order to import from us.  Typically they will need to be a licensed importer, or hire a local customs broker who will act on their behalf.  Once we obtain the specific export permit, we will email a copy, and usually the requirements to receive the shipment can be arranged in 1-2 weeks on the importing end.  If unfamliar with your country's requirements, we recommend you contact a customs broker who has experience with the import of exotic wildlife, and consider hiring them to represent you.  We will ship to any port-of-entry airport designated by the importer.  It is up to the importer to be accurate in identifying any other documentation requirements, and the importer is responsible for all arrangements required to receive the shipment.   Typically, a shipment will include the original CITES permit, an Invoice, and when needed, a Certificate of Health. 

8) Many countries charge an import tax based on the invoiced cost of the shipment.  It is up to the importer to know that fee and pay it as per their local requirements.

9) Our minimum export order is 30 panther chameleons.  Cost per animal will vary from $100-120 for most Locales, depending on quantities ordered.  Nosy Faly will price $40-60 higher when available.

10) We typically export chameleons when they are between 3-5 months old, and 6-8" total length.  The maximum ratio of males is 70%.

11) We require a $1000 non-refundable deposit before we initiate the process.  This will cover the initial costs of paperwork and fees, as well as the set aside of younger animals to fill the order once it is cleared to ship.  The typical window to expect the shipment to actually occur is 3-4 months after the deposit has been made.

12) Payment in full must be completed ten days before we ship.  We guarantee live arrival on all export shipments.  Importer must notify us of any DOA claims within 24 hours of delivery.

13) Prices and fees noted may vary from what is posted, as governments, carriers, and brokers may change their fees.

Domestic Wholesale Orders

Typically, we discount the cost per chameleon when more than one is ordered.  Orders of 5 or more will be priced at $100-120 per animal for most Locales, plus shipping.  Any discounted order comes with a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee.  

Inquiries as to availability and other questions can be made to:


phone: 863-638-3653