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  • The Chameleon Company (TCC) guarantees live delivery providing that someone signs for the animal(s) on the first attempted delivery (FAD) by the carrier. If not received on the FAD, all live arrival and satisfaction guarantees are voided. In the event of a claim for a dead-on-arrival (DOA) shipment, we must be notified within 12 hours of delivery. The carcass must be frozen, as we reserve the right to have it delivered back to us, or inspected by a third party, prior to any replacement or refund.  We strongly suggest all such animal claims be supported by a digital photograph.  Once confirmed,  TCC will refund the full purchase price, or replace the animal(s) if agreed upon by parties.  Customer pays all shipping costs.  
  • We reserve the right to delay shipment if we feel that weather extremes warrant such. However, once we choose to ship within our shipping terms (see SHIPPING), all guarantees remain in force, unless having been communicated otherwise prior to shipment.   We have no pre-conditions regarding temperature variations or carrier error.  Unless otherwise specifically noted, TCC is responsible for any losses not specifically exempted.    
  • We guarantee satisfaction once an animal has been delivered alive, for a period of five days after delivery. In order to qualify for a refund or replacement,  we must be contacted within the five day period, and arrangements made to return the animal to us. Once returned, The Chameleon Company will refund the full original purchase price of the animal, less shipping charges, or issue a replacement if available and agreed upon by parties.  Customer pays for all return/replacement shipping.
  • Any medical concerns on the part of the buyer must be brought to the attention of The Chameleon Company within the warranty period.  TCC may recommend treatment, an extension of the warrantee period, or the return of the animal, all at its discretion.   
  • While we endeavor to accurately represent the sex, color, and quality of all of our animals, The Chameleon Company extends no guarantee beyond the customer's option to make a satisfaction claim within the 5 day warranty period.  It is critical that the customer satisfy all concerns within that time frame.
  • The above warrantees apply only to retail orders within the United States.  The warranties for wholesale and export orders will vary, and be specific for each order.  Typically, warranty periods for such orders extend for only 24 hours after delivery.
  • Please read our Shipping and Payment sections for additional information that may affect refunds.