Payment & Shipping


  • We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal (account, postal money orders, and personal checks.  Personal checks may attach a delay of up to two weeks in order to clear.  Larger orders may be completed via bank wire transfer.

  • When we are offering chameleons to be purchased directly through the site, a "buy this" button will be availabile.  Credit/debit cards and PayPal can be used to make those purchases by following the links.  Otherwise, payment may be arranged by email via our CONTACT page, or by calling 863-638-3653 (10 AM - 9 PM EST).

  • Where deposit arrangements are made, unless otherwise noted, all deposits are non-refundable if the purchase is cancelled by the buyer, or not completed by the buyer within any specified time period.   If for any reason The Chameleon Company cannot provide the agreed upon animal at the agreed upon time,  all deposits will be refunded.

  • It is our intent to ship all chameleons as soon as the customer is ready to receive. The Chameleon Company (TCC) will, at the customer's request, hold an animal, once paid-in-full, for up to 30 days at no additional charge to the customer.  TCC guarantees the continued health of the animal during that time, or will issue a full refund if the LLC cancels the shipment for any reason.  If the customer cancels any purchase during this holding period, the LLC reserves the right to charge up to a 25% restocking fee, deducted from the original purchase funds, before issuing a refund of the remaining balance. 

  • TCC reserves the right to refuse purchase to any entity, at its discretion, for any reason.  Where an automatic purchase has been made, TCC will issue a full refund should it reject any sale.


  • Unless otherwise noted, our primary means of shipping retail orders is UPS Next Day Air or FedEx Priority Overnight for live animals.  Other carriers will be considered at the request of the customer.   Shipping for 1-2 chameleons will usually cost $20-25 within most of Florida.  For the rest of the country, shipping will be $40-45.  Higher for shipments of 3 chameleons or more, usually at an added cost of $3-5 per chameleon, as the box becomes larger.

  • Unless otherwise noted or arranged, we ship Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu, holidays and weather permitting, for delivery within the Continental U.S. by 10:30 AM the following morning in most cases.  Where "buy this" buttons are available, the shipping cost will be included in the amount charged.  When more than one animal is purchased, or other specific arrangements made, shipping costs may vary.   Requests to ship on other days, and/or via other carriers, will be considered, but may effect the terms of our guarantees and cost.  Where applicable, these changes will be specifically communicated to the customer prior to any agreed upon deviations.    Within the above parameters, and a 30 day window from purchase, the customer will decide when they want to receive the animal, and we will ship accordingly, with the customer receiving a tracking link via email on the day that we ship.    

  • Unless specifically noted in a communication with a customer, our guarantees apply to all that we ship.  While extreme temperature variances may influence our shipping decisions, unless otherwise noted, if we ship it, we guarantee it, regardless of carrier error, temperatures, etc.  While specific exceptions are possible, these will be communicated to, and agreed upon by, all parties before such shipments leave our facility.  We typically ship in temperatures between 20 -100 degrees F.

  • TCC ships all animals in insulated boxes year round.  The use of heat and cool packs will be at our discretion. 

  • Upon prior agreement, TCC may occasionally arrange to ship animals to a carrier hub to be a "Hold for Pick-Up", requiring the customer to go to that specific facility and sign for the shipment.   Often this is convenient for the customer, in the best interest of the animal, or both.  Unless otherwise noted, all animals sent as a "Hold for Pick-Up" must be picked up by 12 noon local time, or within two hours of the package being available for pick-up (typically in a carrier-delay situation), whichever is later, or all guarantees are voided.  

  • We are an Approved Shipper with all major airlines, shipping primarily out of Orlando, FL.  For larger orders, air freight options will be discussed.  

  • For all exports, our Port of Exit is Miami, FL.or Atlanta, GA.  Other information regarding shipments outside the U.S. may be found at the Export link.
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