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Below are just a few of the many comments and feedback that The Chameleon Company has received from customers of late.  It is our estimate that over 90% of our current business comes via word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.  We advertise rarely anywhere on the internet except in our own site.  13+ years in business, and thousands of satisfied customers, has its continuing rewards.   We thank all who have taken the time to let us know how their purchase went.  We apologize that so many of your comments are not listed here, but encourage the comments, and will endeavor to list more here in the future.  Enjoy.

  Just received in my little guy and wanted to say thank you!!! He was packaged great and made the trip safely!! He's exploring his new home as we speak. Thanks again for such a beautiful chameleon my family and I can enjoy.

We got the chameleon about an hour ago. He arrived in great condition. He has already eaten two crickets and drank some water. He seems to be adapting well. It's probably a little stressful for him to be in a new environment with four kids, one dog and a cat, but I think he should be fine.  

Thanks for the great deal and military discount!  



I received them! They are absolutely amazing! I couldn't ask for anything more! They are checking out their cages and already ate some crickets and had a drink! Thank you soooo much!!!


Wanted to thank you for my new panther chameleon! I was surprised to see how colorful he is. Thanks again for the quick and professional service. Will definitely be getting another one from you in the future! 


Hi Jim, we spoke yesterday about my chameleon's severe eye problem. I just want you to know I took your advice and it saved my chameleon's life. Me and my wife both want to thank you for taking time out of your day to help us. Our cham now has both eyes open and is now happily crawling around his cage, a total 180 from the past 2 weeks. Sincerely thanks you so much.


You can add another successful delivery to your track record!  She is beautiful!  Thanks again!


You do not disappoint. I just received a truly phenomenal lizard in  
the mail and he is now drinking and eating in his new enclosure. I am  
so impressed with the quality of this panther, his colors were amazing  
right out of the box, almost blinded my eyes even. You were right, he  
is stunner and an impressive size for 7 months! I'll be in touch soon  
for a few more.

Thanks and best wishes,

…… Thanks again for sharing this link and your information sheet. Talking to you has been very helpful. I will get some of the “good stuff” on order. It was definitely worth my money to purchase through The Chameleon Company to ensure the health of our chameleon. 

Thanks again!

Laura M.

Hi Jim,
Sorry for not getting back to you right away. I have been busy. The panthers came in very nice. I am so please with the males. Gosh they look great! You are a great guy and I would refer you to anyone. Nice job. Let me know if you get any blues going?

Coach T

You made another new satisfied lifetime customer very happy.  He just arrived alive and in good health.  I will definitely make recommendations to people I know!  Good job and thank you so much!  I will definitely be a returning customer.

Your very satisfied customer,


  Top notch !  Our new Nosy Be just arrived and he’s UNBELIEVABLE !  You could have charged us more   …… not really, but THANKS !  The time you took answering my questions on the phone this past week really helped to ease our concerns, and we know we made the right choice.  From start to finish, everything could not have been better.  Best of luck to you, and thanks again !


That young fella you sent me is stunning when he gets all fired up for the ladies. Shaken his head at them and all. LOL. The female is GREAT too. She has good genes and that is apparent. I saw that she has blue cheeks and at one point she had a lot of blue all over her body. Thank you so much again. I can not wait for that next shipment. Packing was fantastic.

Mike D.  

Dear Jim, just thought I'd let you know that Gator is doing a lot better. The vitamin A is really doing the job. I really appreciate the time you took to help me. Most breeders would not have given me any information. They would have just let my pet die and sold me a new one. My husband is so impressed that he is ready to come down to your facility and buy another Panther. (Panthers happen to be his favorite) …… I will keep you filled in on Gator's recovery and tell everyone I know that you guys are the ones to deal with on the Panthers. Thank you again. I am indebted to you. 

Sincerely, Dianne N.  

She arrived early this morning. She is beautiful, and such a sweetheart! She likes to hang out on me more than her cage. Thank you very much for all the updates. I will be ordering from you again within the next month or so! 
Thank You. 


Our two new additions were delivered right on schedule this morning.  Don't know how you do it, but don't change a thing !  We are through buying from the others.  Yours are larger, healthier, more colorful and completely as advertised !  And Oh yeah, you charge less too !   We truly could not be more pleased, and thank you for all the time you took helping us to know more about these amazing creatures !

Sherri and Gavin H. 


I got the Chams, They look great, I am waiting for them to eat but both seemed to make the trip well. Do you live next to a nuclear Power Plant ? LOL I am still amazed at their size. Very Good Job. 

…… Good Point and I am VERY Happy with them. I only wish I could afford the other two. 
You are the MAN ! 
I'll BE BACK ! 

Chris C. 

  I opened the box, and then the bag, and took out our new addition, and my second impression was how much I've been ripped off !  Haha .. by *********** for paying $100 more for the last chameleon we bought from them.  Their's was smaller than yours, less colorful, and now the source of my wife shaking her head at me :(  Oh, and my first impression ..... magnificent !  Thank you for such a majestic animal, great service, and all the rest !  You've got our business now !


hey jim!!!!

We have received the female about an hour ago,and we ABSOLUTELY love her!!
She is beautifull!!
Very thankfull to you!!
I will be on the look out for your chameleons!
I will get an Ambilobe pair soon. (as soon as I get my next paycheck)
Well Jim, I apprEciate your excellent service.
Take care!!


Good Morning Jim,

I just wanted to give you a brief update of the new guy acclimation progress. HE'S ACCLIMATED!!!!...hahahahah

Man, he has to be the most exciting chameleon that I have ever come across. I now understand why "free range" feeding is so vital to there hunter's instinct and health. Watching him prowl around the enclosure searching for victims is nothing short of amazing. He makes complete use of the ENTIRE enclosure. There isn't a branch or vine that he has not explored....lolololololol. I utilize those Zoo Med cork backgrounds in my enclosure and crickets frequently hide in the crevice between the roof of the enclosure and the cork. He is aware of there little trick and will either sit and wait for them to take a peak, hoping that the coast is clear or he'll climb the cork wall and snatch them from out of the crevice! I placed about 15 crickets in the enclosure today and he has devoured about 7 but continues his search for more prey.....lolololololol. 

Whatever it is that you do, KEEP DOING!!!!! 



  I wanted to share a photo of how my male (son of Zeppo) looks at night
FYI. The photo is actually washed out from the flash. His coloration is


Allen N.  

Jim, this female is doing great!   I want to thank you for the great 
animals and service that I got from you, out of all the animals I 
have gotten over the years i have never been treated this well! 
I will definitely be purchasing more animals from you in the 
future. and i will do my best to encourage others to do so 
as well THANKS!

Edward H.  

Looks great, Happy to be out of the box.
Had 1 crick and just looking around the new crib..


Norman M. 

Hi Jim

The chameleons arrived this morning and all look FANTASTIC!
Thanks so much for the extra paperwork you provided us.


Nicole C.
California Academy of Sciences  

Hi Jim,
Just dropping a line to tell you she arrived safe and sound this morning. She is a beautiful girl. We have a male blue bar Ambilobe about the same size, so we're hoping they'll produce some awesome babies in the future. We will definitely be repeat customers.

Thank you,
Willis D.


Wanted to let you know that I got the female this morning and what an
excellent little girl she is. She ate and drank the moment I put her in her
new enclosure. My male saw her from across the room and started bobbing his
head. So she must be quiet the looker in chameleon world. Thanks for an
excellent specimen.

Ron S.

Hey Jim.

I got them. I am amazed at how fantastic these two look. I've been 
checking out pet stores for the past month or so trying to find 
something, and they all look like crap compared to yours.

I, from the pet stores around here, was always under the impression that 
wild caught meant, kinda beat and needs tlc. I had no idea they were 
going to be this fantastic looking.

I'm still going to be doing fecals later on this evening and making sure 
there's no secret surprises. (there were none)

Thanks Alot!

HI Jim, 
    I received the Oustelat's this morning and I am very happy with them--excellent condition. I'll keep you in mind for any more chameleon purchases. Your price was good and the condition of the animals was great, so I am very happy doing business with you. 
Thanks again, 
Oodles of Eclectus
R. M.

I just wanted to let you know that my panthers arrived on time yesterday and appear to be in good health. Both seem to be adjusting well to their new home, I have seen them both eat a couple times already. I am very happy with these animals, the male is already looking fantastic! Just to let you know, I paid the same price for a male 1/2 the size as the one you sold me from ******  at the recent MARS show. I will soon be in the market for another female, and I will without doubt buy from you again. I just hope I can save enough before it gets too cold. 
Thank you,
Paul K.

Hello Jim,

He's a beast!!!!!! Almost twice the size of my last cham at the same age! He frightened me when he came roaring out of the pouch..lololololololol. Pictures don't do him justice. I think he's going to be a striking blue bar. I can't thank you enough. 


MG Mike here just writing to let you know the 2.3 came in and alls 
well! We got em in there condos and they are doing just fine. I will 
be leaving glowing feedback for you this afternoon and will link you to 
it and maybe send a few pics of the cages we provided so you know your 
babies are being very well kept, I know how I am about any offspring I 
produce and always care where they end up... Anyhow man THANKS bigtime 
and look forward to getting more of our business in the near future! 

And  …. Your Hypo males offspring we aquired from you we had to 
name Elvis as he is MOFOING THE KING! ! !

Look forward to more business from us there Jim, your a stand up guy!. 

Thanks again Jim, MG Mike and Alex

Hello Jim, 
Everyone came in looking very healthy. That female panther looks better than most I've seen for sale. 
If I talk to anyone looking for chameleons I'll definitely mention your name and if I'm looking to add to my collection at any time, I know who to contact. 
I appreciate all of your time/pics! 
Take care. 


These chams are BEASTS!!!!  Eating like machines and active ALL day.  Are you supplementing your cricket gut load with steroids…lololololololol??? 

Seriously, your time and advice has been greatly appreciated.  It has made my cham experience very enjoyable.  I would highly recommend The Chameleon Company to anyone in search of quality animals.  The customer service/support is top notch and the prices are unbeatable.

Thanks again!

Andrew V

I met the UPS man at the door this morning and opened the box to find two beautiful healthy looking animals. Thank you very much for your service - I will not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Doug Beavers