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About Us

The Chameleon Company is a Limited Liability 
Company (LLC) located and registered in the state of 
Florida, and founded in 2002. Comprised of Member 
Interest Holders, we are chameleon enthusiasts who have joined to combine the best in conservation and capitalism in order to maintain our passion for 
chameleons and spread it to others and keep food on the table . Dealing primarily with panther chameleons (Furcifer pardalis), we are the largest breeding facility for chameleons in the world outside of Mother Nature, and getting larger.

Overseen primarily by Managing Member Jim Flaherty, we also work closely with a half-dozen other hobbyist-breeders throughout the U.S., pooling our talents and experience. With these resources, and many unique husbandry innovations, we have been able to attain large-scale multi-generational breeding of pardalis.

Located in Central Florida, we are not open to the public, and exist primarily as a breeder and wholesaler of Panther Chameleons. We will occasionally offer individual animals to the discriminating retail market on our Available page. The primary goal of this website is to serve as an information source on pardalis" its natural history and captive husbandry. Sorry, but we are unable to provide business plans, cage plans, or other information deemed proprietary by LLC management. To all, thanks for giving us a look, and enjoy !