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Chameleon Availability

We work primarily with Furcifer pardalis, the panther chameleon, specializing in four Locales: Ambilobe, Ambanja, Nosy Be, and Nosy Faly, with the broadest bloodlines and best prices in the business. Clicking the Locale links below will then illustrate some of the bloodlines whose offspring will be available this year. Prices and availability will vary.   Some offspring, when available now, can be purchased at the below links, with "buy this" buttons next to sires with available offspring.  Those purchase prices include shipping.  If you make a purchase, please indicate in comments when you would like us to ship, or email us in order to determine such.  We do not automatically ship after a website purchase is made, as we must first confirm when someone will be able to receive the shipment. To purchase larger quantities, or to check on other availability, please call or email: 

Call 863-638-3653 (10 AM - 8 PM EST)

See our "Shipping and Guarantees" for payment information
 and other relevant data..